EUR/USD, Thu Mar/22/2018, MACD Analysis: 0.82% Up Confirm An Up-Trend

Figure-1 EUR/USD MACD (TF:D1, Thu Mar/22/2018 00:00:00)

For EUR/USD market close at Thu Mar/22/2018 00:00:00, an MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) technical analysis for EUR/USD is generated. The analysis computation and presentation method follow the MetaTrader version of MACD [1], and additional MACD-Signal difference is added to complete the analysis with the price acceleration data (as presented by MACD histogram in other version [2]). The indicator chart is presented in the Figure 1, showing the market data chart on the top, the MACD indicator bar and line in the middle, and the MACD-Signal difference histogram in the bottom.

Indentifying Trend Direction by MACD Sign: A positive value of MACD is shown by the indicator, and it is a sign of an up-trend. The yesterday closing candle (Wed, Mar 21), shows 0.82% (100.40 pips) step up in price from 1.22404 to 1.23408, this gives a confirmation that the bullish-trend will continue its line. With the last recorded MACD cross is produced 86 trading days ago on 11/21/2017 and confirmed by the signal cross triggered 82 trading days ago on 11/27/2017, neglecting the average price acceleration/decceleration, the bullish-trend is predicted to keep its journey.

Price Acceleration Detection with MACD-Signal Diference: This MACD histogram analysis is meaningful if the MACD-Signal crossover is chosen to trigger the trade signal. The price movement acceleration has never change its direction for 4 trading days since its cross on 03/15/2018, and the sell floating trade should be hold until the next crossover. The trend detected by the MACD level is currently bullish while the acceleration show the reverse direction. A rational view of this method would be interpreted that the up-moving will deccelerate so a fast trend reversal guess is produced.


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